5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

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Even if your blog has an inviting design, engaging content and a contingent of loyal followers, you may still find it difficult to attract more traffic.

The web is swarming with competition in every niche imaginable, so it’s up to you — as a blog owner — to separate yourself from the pack.

While some bloggers opt to increase traffic on their blog by hiring expensive “experts” or businesses, there are some easy and free methods you can use to increase traffic. Try the five tips below before you consider other, pricier traffic-boosting methods.

1. Connect Your Blog with Rel=Author in Google+

Connecting your blog with Google+ ensures more visibility in Google search engine results, primarily by displaying your author name, Google+ profile headshot and the number of Google+ circles you’re in alongside the search result.

Author profile and traffic. Now, it’s time to link to your content from your Google+ profile. To do so, sign into Google+, click ‘Edit profile’, click the ‘Contributor To’ section on the right and click ‘Add custom link.’ There, you can link to your blog’s home page, completing the Google+ connection to your blog.

2. Optimize Posts for One or Two Keywords

In the same vein as the tip above, optimizing posts for one or two keywords can raise your blog’s recognition in search engine results.

By writing blog posts around a specific keyword — like “pros and cons of oil investing” instead of just “oil investing” — you are more likely to attract readers that will be satisfied with your content, since optimizing the keyword will make the post appear higher for specific search inquiries.

Google Trends or SEMrush are good resources to use to check keyword trends, so you can determine which keyword is most opportune for your post’s content.

To write with a keyword in mind: use the keyword in your post title, meta-description and as the alternate text in any image. This is in addition to using the keyword once or twice in the primary content.

3. Ask Influencers in Your Niche to Share on Twitter

As is the case in any profession, networking is important. Make an effort to connect organically with influencers in your blog’s niche. This means cultivating a long-term relationship by commenting on their posts and sharing their content.

Networking isn’t a one-way street. In order for influencers to share your content on their Twitter, you must be a trusted connection. This may take some time, but it is well worth it in the end.

4. Create Great Content

Quality content seems like an obvious necessity for any blog with substantial traffic, but bloggers need to be reminded of it. Strive for topics that are untouched by larger web sites in your niche; they are likely to always appear ahead of you in search results.

Great and original content is essential if your blog seeks to gain any traction outside of your dedicated followers.

5. Implement Social Media Widgetssocial Media and Traffic

Followers on Facebook and Twitter can be huge contributions to blog traffic increases. These social network platforms can inform followers whenever you publish something new, which makes the potential for expanded reach obvious.

As a result, it’s recommended to implement Facebook social plugins and Twitter buttons on your blog’s sidebar and/or header to encourage visitors — both loyal and first-time — to follow your blog on social media, practically ensuring their long-term readership.

The five tips above can contribute significantly to increased traffic on your blog. They are also easy to implement, regardless of technical expertise.

While quality content is what matters most, all of these strategies have proven to be successful traffic-builders for blogs in all niches.

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