Best 5 Laptop Brands InThe World

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People often get confused while choosing a laptop. The biggest problem is while choosing the laptop brand. Most of the people will have some demands on the configuration of the laptop.

Well in fact Brand plays only a small role in the performance. The major role is played by the configuration that you have got inside your laptop.

That includes the processor speed, ram, graphics etc. If you choose the top brands, you will get top services and support.

Which Is The Best Laptop Brand In The World?

As I told, in Performance brand plays a small role but in life of the system and trouble shooting brand plays an important role.

Top brand laptops are often expensive because their experiences in making the laptop are also higher. They use top class materials and fibers in making the body, keyboards and the case.

The connections and assembling is also given top priority. And they choose their parts carefully because they need customer satisfaction. Here is the top 5 laptop brands in the world.

Top 10 Laptop Brands

1. H.P (Hewlett-Packard)

Hp is the worlds best laptop brand. It has a wide verity of models. HP Envy dv6t is one of their best models.

Hewlett-Packard is one of the leading laptop brand in the world. Hp holds a major share in the laptop sail over the world.

2. Apple

Apple is the most loved laptop brand in the world. It is a bit expensive comparatively but apple laptops are long-lasting and have a good battery backup. Apple laptop will have their MAC operating system.

3. Dell

Dell laptops are very attractive in design and have a great battery backup. It is used for all-purpose. Dell is providing good customer services.

4. Sony

Sony is a leader in electronics industry. Sony vaio laptops are very stylish and attractive. It is also bit expensive but has got many great laptop series.

Sony VAIO S Series are awesome in performance and attractive in design. Some series has poor battery backups.

5. Acer

Acer is the worlds best “cost effective laptop”. You can get best specification for least prize. More over its parts are also very cheap. So even if you break your laptop out of anger, you can replace the parts cheaply.

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