We expect more from Google – When we don’t get what we want

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Google is perhaps the best search engine in the world. But in these days most of the people who are searching for something which is not such popular or noticed, might have got angry with Google. They expect more from Google when they are not getting relevant results. Are you satisfied with Google? Well, I am not. I expect more from Google.

I hate Google when it shows millions of search results for my keyword and I could not find any relevant results. Actually the people who is targeting the specific keyword will be less. to find that put your keyword in “” and there will be very less results which are relevant.

We should not forget the fact that more than 50% of the search terms every day in Google are not even searched for once. When we search short keywords like “inception movie” Google will bring relevant results. But when we type a long tail keyword (most searched) we may not get relevant results.

Another problem is that Google loves some website and hates some. The loved ones are the authority websites with high page rank and domain age. These website get indexed for what ever they write about. It is not the thing the readers want. They need relevant results. Yes there are relevant results in the web, but Google will show up what it love.!!

I am not going to hate Google because there is nothing in this world that we can compare Google with. What I have to say is that I love Google and expect more from Google. Do you expect more from Google? Write your comments down…………

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