Why I hate Google Adsense – 8 reasons

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I was banned from Google adsense before two years. Its not the reason why I hate adsense. Google is making billions of dollars each months with their adwords program. In fact I have not ever used adwords. It sounds very cheep but actually it is not. The eight reasons why I hate Google adsense is that:

1.It is annoying to see ads

I feel uncomfortable when i see ads on the top of Google result pages, which people may click unknowingly. I use a plugin to remove those nasty ads. You can also use that plugin if you hate them.

2.Banned for ever

Once you have been banned from Google adsense, you are banned for ever. You can change your email and apply for another adsense. But you will be caught again unless you have different residential address.

3.You will be banned easily

If you are with a new website with less traffic, you will find yourself banned. They will ban you if you have not got enough traffic saying you are potentially wast.

4.Their costumer care sucks!

They don’t offer phone support or online chat support for publishers because they do have enough clients and don’t wanna waste money with that services.

5.Very slow responses

Actually we are not sure that you may get a reply from adsense for every query. But for getting that it will take days.

6. Too many rules to follow

when you break any rule you will find yourself banned from Google adsense and are very hard to follow. Try reading their terms and Conditions.

7. Help and supports

Email support is enabled but you’ll need another support to get their reply. LOL

8. Why everyone love that?

Every one is using that even thought we have got better services and programs in the web.

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