How To Avoid Spam Emails

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“Have you been spammed by junk emails? Obviously every one in the internet might have experienced email spamming. Am email can be called as spam when it is sent to you without consent. sometimes phishing emails, virus programs, keyloggers and malware”

So avoiding spam emails is very important for your online security. I had an email which get a lot of spam emails every day. Some of the messages were marked as spam, But in any case I will have about 500 emails in my inbox everyday.

It was very difficult to find the email that I need. I was helpless and I made a new email account and no longer checked the old email.

If you have a lot of spam messages, I am sure that you will be in trouble to find the genuine mails. After reading this article you can be free from spam.

Spams Were Yesterday :

Why you are getting spammed?

You are not the only one who is targeted. Spammers send the same spam messages to millions of emails.

They use a database of the email address that they harvest from the internet. They will make web crawlers to crawl through several websites and forums and will bring all the email address present in them.

Or they will buy contact details from several websites which sells their client or subscriber’s details. In this way they will make a database of emails for their spamming programs. The best way to avoid getting spam is not to get included in their database.

Use Disposable Emails

The best way to avoid spam emails is to not to put your email in the public forums or websites.

Some website will ask you to register to get their service. But if the website is not trustworthy or you dot need their service always.

It is better not to provide your personal email. Use temporary or disposable emails for that. Here are some disposable email providers.


You can google with with the keyword “disposable emails” and can have a lot more website providing this service.

Create Spam Filter in Your Email.

Only some people uses this option in their. “Spam filter”. Every Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail account has the auto spam filter facility already installed and it will mark some type of the emails as spam.

You can also create your own filters: you can filter the email that you get spammed continuously form.

The best way to avoid getting spam emails is not to publish your emails in the web. And try to use disposable email facility.

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