How To Find Good Keywords

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Here my aim is to make you aware of good keywords and teach you how to find good keywords for your website, PPC ad campaigns, article marketing etc..

What Are Good?

Good keywords are the keywords that are:

  • Related to your website or business
  • Have got a good search volume
  • Less competition

Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool?

To find good keywords we need to have a best keyword tools. Even though this question is debatable, I personally have an answer. That is Google AdWords Keyword Tool . Some webmasters and SEO professionals says that Google Adwords keyword tool is more optimized for PPC.

But in my opinion if you can use it in the way which I use it, then you can find the good keywords. Google keyword tool is free and once you created an account for free, you will get full benefits from them.

  • First go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
  • Type your general keyword (Which topic that you need to do keyword research on)
  • Then you will get a list of related keywords.
  • Add filters to “monthly keyword search” less than 8000 and more than 1500. Because that keywords will have less competition.
  • Change the option from Broad to Phrase.
  • Copy the keyword phrase along with ” ” and do a Google search for that keyword.
  • A good keyword will have a search results less than 80k and more than 10k

Here is a video showing how to do Good keyword research.

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