Is SEO Dead? What Changes Happened To SEO In 2017?

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Is SEO dead? This is a trending question in online marketing industry of 2017. I have been asking myself this question since a few months.

The webpages that we have not optimized are getting better rank in SEPR when compared to some optimized pages. Most of the old school SEO tactics are longer working and are giving negative impact on rankings.

Here I present my research on the change in SEO trends and search algorithm. I would like to hear your opinion. Don’t forget to join the discussion

  1. Is SEO dead in 2017?
  2. Change in SEO over the decade and the change in 2017.
  3. Change in Google Search algorithm.
  4. Ongoing trends in SEO 2017.
  5. Google’s hidden aim.

1. Is SEO Dead in 2017?

Search Engine Optimization is great business field. Many companies emerged under the shade of Google, and other search engines.

But search engines keep on changing their algorithm for ranking. SEO’s always fit their campaigns with search engines and their algorithms. After the new Google hummingbird algorithm update, content and social factors contribute more to SEO.

What is the future of SEO? Is it dead? Who argue SEO is dead and who argue not. What are the real facts. Lets take a close look.

Who claims SEO is not Dead? And Why?

  • This shows the top result for the keyword “SEO is dead?” The top results are from SEO service websites like SeoBook, SearchengineWatch, Moz etc.
  • It is their need to help SEO to live long in people’s mind, no mater whether it Is dead already or not. And they won’t easily let their industry go. 2016 was a difficult year for SEO industry professionals and online marketing companies and 2017 will be no good.
  • They have to make sure that people still believe in SEO and they still can rank their website #1 in SEPR. What did they say? “SEO is not dead and will never be” Why they claim so? Because that is their business, and they must help the industry survive. Who would let someone to compromise their business?

What are their arguments:

  1. As long as Search Engine is there, SEO is also there.
  2. SEO will never die because search engine want fresh and relevant content and they need SEO for that.
  3. The Content have to be optimized to get best results from search engines.
  4. SEO Tactics Die, But SEO Never Will.
  5. We need SEO, to stand out from spam contents and spam websites.

Who claims SEO is Dead?

Since this topic is hot and will have many readers, online media and magazines are spreading the news that SEO is dead and the funeral was also performed.

How they support their claim:

  1. Many SEO professionals changed their career.
  2. Major SEO service websites are changing their business to marketing. Eg: SeoMoz changed their domain to MOZ by removing the keyword SEO.
  3. Changing in SEO trends, and coming of Google Hummingbird algorithm which gives weight to creative fresh articles.
  4. All SEO techniques is at high risk of getting penalized.
  5. Pagerank is dead, and link building is at risk.
  6. Google now looking is best quality content. Now it is the time of Social Medias.

The above articles in Forbes are the leading articles with many hits. Editors always choose for the hottest topic and they will make it even hotter with their ingredients.

Seriously is it Dead? What did I find!

SEO not dead. It was shot with 80 bullets and will be dead in 100: Search Engine Optimization have changed a lot during the past two years, Google have made many change to search engine algorithms, which is a head shot to spammers.

Google have to keep up its monopoly: Over the past decade the people using internet have increased by a large-scale. And Google still remains as the best search engine in the world. In order to offer best quality results to their users, it keeps on decrease the ways which people can manipulate the search results.

What does Google mean by Search Engine Optimization?

They mean how your webpage should be optimized to get best results from Search Engines. And they don’t mean the process by which a low quality website can be ranked top in search engine by link spamming or other methods.

They mean the way you present your content and its quality. With this reference we can say that SEO will never die.

For some people SEO is dead and for some it is not.

It is how you look at SEO. If SEO is about creating your best quality content which then is optimized with proper tags and links, SEO will never die for you. But is SEO about ranking a low quality website #1 by overtaking quality content? Then SEO is completely dead for him in 2017.

Flow of SEO from technical side to marketing side:

Yes, SEO Tactics Die, But not SEO. But you can see the flow of SEO from technical side to marketing side. We can look at the changes that happened to SEO over the years. Before getting in to a conclusion let’s check the history of SEO and the changes happened to it till now.

2.The History Of SEO and Changes that happened to SEO in 2017?

Search engines has undergone many changes so as SEO. This is slideshow of the history of SEO from the beginning of Search Engine’s to the present. It’s a pretty much interesting journey from the birth of search engine.

  • Search Engines Keeps on improving. If you have gone through the History of SEO we can see that Google and other search engines are showing significant progress in search results and they keep on testing new methods to offer the best result to the readers. SEO is also changing from time to time. SEO methods in 98 are not used in 2005. And methods in 2008 are not used in 2013 and will keep on changing.
  • According to Google, SEO will never die. According to Google’s definition of SEO, we can conclude that it will never die. But let’s ask ourselves a question. What do we mean by SEO? Everyone here has done some manual link building and spammy blog comments to get high in search results. This was a trend from 2005. Your SEO checklist only include those things suggested by Google? Then you can say that SEO will never die.
  • Social role in SEO Now social media is going to play an important role especially Google plus, social role. Author rank is the new pagerank. Content is getting more focus as usual. Link gaining has got more value than link building. The social role in shaping the result is increasing.
  • Individual SEO. What a person can do? We can also notice that the role of individual in shaping the search result is also decreasing from time to time. Search engines are now looking for real links which are gained, not the links which are generated to manipulate the result.
  • SEO will surely be dead one day: Changes in search engine algorithm throughout the decade shows that the role of SEO in search engine ranking is decreasing. We used to optimize our keyword rich titles. We used to write articles by placing KW in right places. If we optimize our content like we did in 2016, we may not rank well in search results. Now it is the time for quality and real content. Not just some optimized content. Quality content will earn links which Google will love.

Changes that happened to SEO in 2017: A Quick revision.

  • Content Size and Relevance. Creating relevant articles which are more than 1.5k words have shown progressive results compared to short 400 word articles.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Create mobile compatible websites. Hummingbird also searches for mobile compatible content on your website.
  • Authorship Concentrate on building authorship. Authorship + Pagerank = better content says MOZ.
  • Social Influence: Invest in Google+ and get more social influence. This is definitely going to influence SEO in 2014.
  • Utilize Rich Snippets: Every one have access to Rich Snippets. Utilized it and increase your Click Through Rate (CRT) and.


SEO is not dead.

  • Basic optimizing of website, On-page SEO will never die. This include how you present your quality content. Optimizing keywords, titles etc.
  • Off-page SEO like Link building will be dead in the coming years. Google always looks to better its results. Google will try its level best to avoid link building and other SEO methods which can manipulate its search results. Google will make algorithm changes to find the best quality content and will try to find links which are earned. And will avoid links which are built by SEO’s. This is going to happen in a few years and we can tell that link building is completely dead.
  • Keyword Research and Social Media will rule. Choosing the best keywords is a part of SEO. It is a part of making best quality content, that never die.Social media will be the new face of SEO. Google always want to start a social media and dominate over existing social medias like Facebook and twitter. Webmasters will be forced to use the google+ features like author rank and social sharing as the part of SEO. This will be leading in SEO in the coming years.
  • Google can’t read all the content and decide which is best for the keyword (until the invention of artificial intelligence) and until then SEO will continue with different tactics.

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