On page SEO checklist – 10 important SEO checklist

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What is on-page SEO ?

All SEO works are broadly divided in to two. On page SEO and Off page SEO. On-page optimization include all the SEO works that are done inside the website. Optimizing keywords,meta tags etc.. The page of the website should be optimized properly. Its aim is to give an idea of your website to search engines. When you do on-page seo properly then your the search engines can easily understand what your website is providing.

On page SEO checklist

1. Keyword analysis
Keyword analysis include analyzing keyword density, relevance,Keyword proximity.
2. Optimizing Meta tags
Optimize Your Meta Description, and tags
3. Interlinking Your Pages
Interlinking pages and proper Url structure and optimizing all your URLs
4. Ensure Cross-Browser Compatibility
5. No follow and dofollow:
rel=”nofollow” tag in the links to websites that you do not trust(anti spamming)and Dofollow tags to all your trusted Links

6. Proper Linking
Content analysis and Link to Trusted Sites.
7. Optimize Your Title Tags
H1, H2…H6, , .
8. Optimize Your 404 Page
9. Proper redirects
Seo friendly redirect is 301 and
10. Site map creation and code validation by w3c


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