The Secret to Building a Successful Blog

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There are a lot of guides out there about launching and maintaining a successful blog. A few of them tell you how to monetize it, and others tell you how to grow your audience. Sometimes guides will offer a bit of snake oil, a juicy tip or two that will “surely make you millions.” What most of them fail to mention however, is that maintaining a blog is hard work.

Nonsense, you say? Let’s explore why running a monetized blog may not be as easy as you think. While we’re at it, let’s discuss the only surefire way to turn it into a success.

Why is Managing a Blog Difficult?

1. Get inspired to write great content.

The biggest issue is that you – or your other writers – need to have a constant stream of inspiration. You can’t just churn out boring content and expect it to resonate with your audience. You need to deliver compelling, engaging and very entertaining content. Not only that, you need to deliver said content on a regular basis.

2. Do SEO regularly.

To grow your audience and bring in new traffic you’ll need to ensure your SEO ratings are in order. This means scanning your content vigorously and making the necessary changes. Sure, they do have SEO plugins for platforms like WordPress yet you still have to do the work – most of the plugins just serve as a validation tool.

3. Social Media Influence

Then there’s the social media support. Every time you publish something new you have to share it across multiple social media networks, it helps grow exposure.

4. Monetize

Finally, if and when you decide to monetize your blog you’ll also have to manage ads and revenue streams. Believe it or not, that’s not an easy task and it’s not a cakewalk to sort through all the data either.

There are plenty of other jobs out there that are hard, and we’re definitely not advocating that managing a blog is the most difficult in existence. That being said, it’s not as easy as everyone makes it out to be.

The Secret to a Successful Blog

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1. Be Consistent

The only real trick to running a successful blog about any topic is consistency. That’s right you’ll need to stay consistent and on point. Any deviation from your regular schedule or plan can cause significant hiccups, especially when your audience is expecting you to deliver.

2. Earn Trust From Audience

You see, one of the reasons most blogs build an audience over time is because readers learn to trust the source. They learn when to check the blog for new content, where to look and more importantly what they’re usually going to get. People need structure. If you take that away from them by posting sporadically, changing topics often or even having too broad a topic – you’ll eventually find readers aren’t taking to your blog.

If you remain consistent, readers will eventually come and traffic will slowly grow. That also means that your revenue stream will reflect that. Blogs that earn overnight acclaim and success are the exception not the rule.

3. Deliver content regularly

A great example of this can be seen on HydroWorx’s blog. They deliver content regularly about aquatic therapy and how to use their products and much more. As a brand, they have essentially turned their site into a comprehensive resource for consumers. That means some folks will end up visiting the site just to stay informed. It’s likely they will recommend the blog to friends and family, as well.

4. Do Research On Your Market

It stands to reason if you want to get somewhere in the blogging community you’ll need unwavering dedication. Are you consistent? Do you keep to a regular schedule? Do you deliver similar content every time? Is your topic too broad?

These are all questions you’ll need to answer and truly understand before you get anywhere. Remember that the next time you’re reading an article that promises to reveal big secrets about improving your blog and growing your reader base.

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