Top 10 tips To Write A Stunning Blog Post

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“Writing a blog post is very easy. But to write a stunning blog post that will catch people’s attention and time is very difficult. But if you read these 10 tips and followed them while writing a blog post, I am sure that your post will rank high in the search engines and you will get more traffic”

1. Keyword Research – First Step In Writing A Blog Post.

If you are familiar the term SEO, you might have also heard about keyword research. Keyword research is the first and most important step before writing a blog post.

Imagine that you have written a stunning blog post taking lot of time and effort. And if no one is searching for your keyword in the search engine!. All your effort is in wain. You will not get enough traffic in your bog.

To overcome this problem, we can do a five minutes keyword research before writing the post. If you do not know how to do keyword research. Then you can learn that from here.

2. Create Eye Catching Blog Post Headlines

Before you write a blog post, you have to make an eye catching heading for it. When people search for a keyword in Google, most of the clicks are gone to the eye catching headline and not for the first result.

So your post headline should be attractive and that should make people to read them. Eg: Which is the most viewed photo of all time. This headline will make the readers curious and your post will get more traffic.

3. EMV Analysis (Emotional Marketing Value Headline)

You know, reaching your readers in an emotional and deep way is a a key to success. And the head line of the post plays an important role in this.

You can use this EMV analyzing tool to analyses your headline. This is a great tool which will analyze the Emotional Marketing Value of your Headline.

Make sure that you have got the EMV score above 15%. I have got 22.2% in EMV analysis for my headline; “Top 10 tips To Write A Stunning Blog Post”, Which is better.

4. Use Images In The Blog Post

Images are plus points for your post. Some images are very powerful, that it even can convey the idea of a whole article.

Use unique and funny images that have the potential to drive traffic to your blog. Images cannot be crawled by the Google bot.

Therefore we have to assign our keywords in the alt text of the image so that Google will understand what this image is about. And our images will be shown in image search.

5. Article Structure and Layout.

You should write the article in the way that the readers can find the key points quickly. Use “Bold”, “Italics”, “quotes”and other font features.

You could also change the color of your key points so that it get noticed. Use paragraphs and sub headings while writing the blog post. Follow a proper layout and use better fonts.

6. Add Humor To Your Writings.

Add humor to your blog post so that reader will not get bored and they will enjoy the article. Make every thing short and easy to understand. Use suitable examples in your post.

7. Blog Theme and Design.

It is not only the article that will make the visitors read the blog post, blog theme and design also play an important role in that.

I have seen that some bloggers using black themes with dark background. The problem with these blogs is that the visitors will feel uncomfortable to read the blog post. Black words in dark background is very difficult to read.

Blog design is feature that keep your visitors for a long time in your blog. You should have an attractive theme for your blog. Try to avoid black themes with dark background.

8. Make Use Of Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions and Alt Text.

Meta tags and meta description are not considered by Google now. But there still search engines that considers meta descriptions and tags.

So using that features will have some minor impact in your ranking. Use alt text for images since image cannot be crawled.

9. Internal Linking and External Linking.

Linking is very important. Linking the content with external related website will be considered as a merit. Make sure that you do not link to Spam or banned websites. Interlink your pages so that all your pages will get traffic and ranked.

10. Option For Social Sharing And Commenting.

Use tools like addthis to enable social sharing of you blog post. This will bring you more traffic to your blog post and popularity for your blog.

Enable the option for commenting so that you can get feedback and improve further. You can use the tools like disqus for this.

“I hope you enjoyed the article. Please feel free to make suggestions. Your feedback is important to us. Type your comments below. Good luck”


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