Weebly review: merits and drawbacks

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This review about weebly is made after making a website on weebly and testing all its features.Weebly is a website building platform. It is free to join and its drag and drop interface has made it so popular.There is no need of learning HTML or coding to make a website in weebly.Through some simple steps every child can make his own website published with weebly platform. Its cloud based hosting service has made it so power full and the users get 99.99% up time.Every thing in this world has got its own drawbacks, so as weebly too..In this review you can find the merits and drawbacks of weebly. The biggest merit that weebly has go is “it is free to join” so that it has got many of users around the world. This review is written after making a website in weebly and after studying all the features of weebly, so that you can find all the merits and drawbacks that weebly has got. After reading this you don’t want to go anywhere else for another set of information about weebly.

Merits of weebly

Cost of making a website on weebly

  • Weebly offers a free website building platform and a free web hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth. Making a website on weebly is completely free.

Design and editing

  • Weebly provides a wide verity of 100+ free professional themes for your websites, build on weebly platform. Once you choose a theme and applied to your website, you gain complete privilege to modify it, and its source is also provided. You can also change the font,sizes, text colors, and more, by just clicking the design option. If you are families with web deigning and coding, you can even modify the HTML and CSS of the website. You can do it by just clicking the Advanced Theme Editor option.

Hosting features

  • All the websites hosted on weebly is stored their powerful servers, located in two data center across the United States. They provides unlimited data storage to free users and can also have unlimited bandwidth. They provides cloud based hosting feature and a better uptime, response time and reliability as compared to any other competing webhost. A level world-class hosting feature is given when you register for a free website on weebly.

Fast and helpful support

  • Weebly offers fast and helpful support to every users.

Option to choose your own domain or a free subdomain

  • Weebly gives you the option to choose your own domain or a free sub domain. You can host your own domain that is bought on any place (eg Godaddy) or you can choose any available sub domain on weebly and it will look like I consider this as a great merit because when your website is hosted with weebly’s subdomain. You are actually hosted as a part of a pr7 website and you will be easily ranked. You can also register a new domain on weebly, that is weebly is also a domain registrar.

No Forced Advertising on weebly

  • Unlike most of the free webhost, weebly does not force any advertising on your website. It seems to be one of the greatest merit of them. And you can remove their footer link by just referring a member to weebly and you will also get, one month free weebly pro account.

Search engine optimization

  • Doing search engine optimization on weebly is very simple and any one can do it simply in their editor menu. You can add meta tag, meta description , alt text from there. If you get the free sub domain for your website on weebly like you are actually becoming a sub domain of a pr7 website and that will certainly affect your seo. And you will be ranked fast because of authority and trust that your website have.

E-commerce features

  • You can build an online store on weebly and can easily customize it, adding products and checkout option including papal can be setuped very easily.

Mobile website and password protected pages

  • Any theme on weebly has also got its mobile version. Users on the mobile are redirected to the mobile website when they visit your site. You can also add password protection to your website or webpage.

Drawbacks of weebly.

Is weebly free???

Yes actually but it has got a pro version too. the pro version costs about $6 a month.

Major drawback of weebly: It takes half of the adsense revenue

The biggest drawback of weebly is that it takes half of the revenue that your website generates through Google Adsense. I have not seen any webhost doing that.

No permanent redirect on weebly

You cannot assign a seo friendly permanent redirect on weebly. That is 301 permanent redirects cant be made on weebly. When yo want to change your subdomain to a new domain that you bought weebly will redirect it to your domain but it is not 301 redirect and it will seriously effect your website. Your position on search engine results pages (SERP) will be lost and this is a major drawback of weebly.

Weebly footer links

Weebly will put a footer link in the free web hosting package. this really is going to effect your websites seo because you are linking to a website that is not related to your website content and that is not relevant.

No cpanel and FTP in weebly

Most of the webhosts offer cpanel to its users. But weebly does not provide that option. And weebly does not give any FTP account to users.

MySQL database and PHP scripts are not available on weebly

Emails accounts, perl, Ruby,SSL certificates, File manager, auto responders, and email forwarding services are not available on weebly

Summery of weebly review:

Weebly is a good website builder and a good webhost, but it does not have many features that a webhost should have. The free website builder in weebly is not so strong, when we compare it with some leading CMS like Joomla and wordpress. If you are planning for a website that does not requires full control over adsense, php scripts, and SSl and email accounts and forwarding. Weebly sounds great. But if you wanna make a website that should stand with all the available features of a website, It is better to choose another paid webshost that gives you all the features. I have made a website and tested its features and decided to write a review on weebly. It got a google pagerank of 1 with in few months, and is generating a decent traffic these days. But i have no use of that traffic. I cannot assign google adsence to that website because weebly will take half of it which I hate very much. I cannot get adsense from other ad networks because it needs top-level domain (TLD) eg: .com .net .org etc. Even if I bought a domain and assigned to my website on weebly, it will lose its page rank and its position on search engine results pages (SERP). This is because weebly did not give 301 permanent redirects. So the website that I made is of no use and I am no longer working for that website. If you are making a website seriously and except some return from that website I advice to choose some other ways. You will have to pay some amount first for the domain and the web host and you will get all the features that you need. “Good luck”
















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