When To Monetize Your Blog

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Which Is The Best Time To Monetize Your Blog?

If you are a blogger you might also had this question. There are two type of people. Those who make a blog out of passion and those for making money.

The second one is most common. How does this matter? I will explain that. consider one starting a blog out of passion and started to write articles and his thoughts.

He will be not showing much interest in monetizing his blog until he understand his blogs potential. This guy will make a good earnings from his blog after some months. One the other hand consider one who makes a blog just to make money.

The very first day on words his thought will be to make revenue from his website. He will apply for absence and other ad programs with in the first week.

The thing is he will not be accepted with his new blog with less traffic and content. So monetizing his blog will be unsuccessful.

When To Monetize Your Blog? Here Are 5 Checklist Before Monetizing Your Blog.

1. Make At Least 50 Posts.

Before starring advertising on your website you should have some contents on your website. Try to make about 50 blog posts. It is always better to make blog post with at lest 500 words.

2. Blog should Be at Least 3-4 Months Old.

Why I tell this is that. By this time you can make a basic identity and authority in the web. Please keep in mind that google gives the page rank to a website once in a three moths. So try to get a page rank by building some links.

When you apply for ad programs with in 3 months most of them will reject your website. So be patient and make some great posts before deciding to monetizing your blog.

3. Traffic, Traffic and Traffic!

Well, traffic is the key to make money from your blog. I recommend that you should have at least 250 unique visitors per day.

The more traffic you have the more you are capable of earning. So make posts which will increase your traffic.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your webpage and post for the search engines. In simple so some SEO (search engine optimization). SEO will increase visibility in the search engines and the traffic to your website.

5. Do Some Research And Make A Target.

Before starting monetization you should have a target. Make some research and make some targets like number of posts, traffic. When you achieve those start monetization.

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